CES 2016: Beverage tech focuses on the perfect drink

By Adam Balkin, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, January 11, 2016

Maybe it is because CES it’s held each year in the Las Vegas desert. Maybe it is because seemingly everything else has cutting edge technology already attached to it. Whatever the reason is, clearly a chunk of the tech tinkerer community has decided to focus its attention on our beverages.

The Smart Nutrition Bottle is a water bottle that automatically turns your water each day into a dietary supplement.

“In the top, we’re able to put up the five fuel pods. It’s basically a technology-enabled packaging for vitamins and supplements,” says Ethan Gill of LifeFuels. “You get up to 25 servings in a single pod, so you basically have your nutrition on the go. You’re able to load up your pod for the week or the month. You’re able to dispense directly using the LCD screen, dispense into the bottle, and then everything that happens in the bottle is tracked in our app."

Switching to warm beverages, the Teforia pods have RFID - Radio Frequency Identification chips - inside the cover. You place one in the machine and then it knows how to brew, perfectly, the exact tea you’re trying to make.

“We’ve added five different parameters to how you make tea,” says Kris Efland of Teforia. “So typically it’s time, temperature, and then tea to water. We use everything from air, steam, air pressure, a combination of those factors to create a much, much richer drink as well as control the individual flavor notes and the caffeine and antioxidants levels in the tea."

And to hold your finely crafted tea, or coffee, the Ember is designed to quickly bring the temperature of your hot beverage up or down to the exact temperature you like it and then keep it that way.

“You pour your too hot coffee into this mug, you dial in your perfect temperature because everyone has their own, it’s going to rapidly cool that drink and then lock it in for two hours on the go, or all day long when you use our charging coaster,” says Josh Tuz of Ember Technologies.

You can even warm it up or cool it from another room. It can be remotely controlled via a smartphone or smartwatch app.