VIDEO: Wrestler Ted DiBiase's documentary exposes his adultery

By Allison Walker Torres, Entertainment Reporter/Anchor
Last Updated: Friday, November 03, 2017, 6:02 PM EDT

One of the most legendary pro wrestlers ever is letting us inside his personal life like never before.

WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Ted DiBiase is releasing a brand new documentary for a one-night-only event. Next Tuesday, Nov. 7, "The Price of Fame" hits theaters across Central Florida.

We got to speak with Dibiase about the lust, lies, scandal and excess associated with fame. See the RAW interview below.

Here are two highlights:

ALLISON WALKER TORRES: Ted, on Tuesday night, in theaters all across Orlando, fans can watch your new documentary. First off, the universe knows you as a guy with custom suits and plenty of cash to flow around. Do you even identify with the person we think you are?

TED DIBIASE: Absolutely not. It's the farthest thing from who I am... I was pretty bad and that's why I'm telling my story... Everybody knows who you are. But what those people don't see is when that show's over and you go back to your hotel room and a television set and you do it again the next night and the next night and the next night, and you do it sometimes 300 nights a year and you're away from your family, that becomes a real lonely place. You go down to the bar and have a beer and that turns into 2 or maybe 3 and down that slippery slope you go. For me, it all culminated when I called home one day and my wife confronts me with adultery. It was the darkest day of my life. I mean, I said, 'I don't want to talk about this on the phone. I'll be on the next plane home. She said, No, you won't. You don't live here anymore.'

AWT: Your son said this to you, in a clip I saw from the film. He said, "You used to go out and party all the time. Your door was a revolving door. And you cared more about that than mom - and us." Some strong words to stomach, as a father....

TD: Yes. Very hard.... When my wife and i went through this whole ordeal, my wife said, she goes, 'Despite of what you've done to me, you're a very good dad and I don't want to destroy that. So these kids don't know about this until they're old enough. They never really knew it until they heard me start telling that story in church... Now they're both fathers themselves with wives of their own and are like, How could you do this?'

"The Price of Fame" is in theaters like Regal Waterford Lakes and Regal Winter Park (among others) Nov. 7.

INTERVIEW: Ted DiBiase and Allison Walker