Orlando Science Center exhibit explores 'identity'

By Allison Walker Torres, Entertainment Reporter/Anchor
Last Updated: Friday, August 25, 2017, 3:55 PM EDT

In the age of the "selfie," an interactive exhibit helps us answer, 'How well do we really know ourselves?'

  • 'Identity' exhibit wrapping up at Orlando Science Center
  • Exhibit is hands-on, interactive
  • There's a sound tube experience and fingerprint experience

"Identity: An Exhibition of You" is wrapping up its summer at the Orlando Science Center. Through hands-on, interactive and multi-media experiences, you can answer things like, 'Why do you look this way, or 'Why do you react that way?'

One of the main attractions is a giant sound tube experience.

"People talk about, 'I'm an introvert or I'm an extrovert,'" said Jeff Stanford, Orlando Science Center spokesman. " And people stand under those and they go, 'Wow, that really describes me."

"We've never been to a place like this up in PA," said Jennifer Collins, who is visiting from Pennsylvania.

The fingerprint experience taught 7th grader Ainsley Hunter something that surprised her.

"It's cool how, like, each one of your fingers has a different fingerprint," she said.

The Orlando Science Center created its own "Who Are You?" show, allowing guests to find out - and then mark on the Identi-Tree - one of their genetic traits.

"We started this at the beginning of the summer and you can see how many people have played the "Who Are You?" game," said public programs manager Stephanie Kazmierzak, as she pointed to a tree jam-packed with thousands of green stickers.

Identity: An Exhibition of You runs through Sept. 4. It is included with admission to the Orlando Science Center.