SNEAK PEEK: 'Playing With Light' at Orlando Science Center

By Allison Walker Torres, Entertainment Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, September 22, 2017, 4:10 PM EDT

You may not have known what "playing with light" actually looks like.

"It feels to me, really, like you're walking through one of those classic '80s movies," said Jeff Stanford, Orlando Science Center's Marketing VP.

Stanford gave News 13 an exclusive sneak peek of OSC's new fall-time exhibit, Playing With Light. It has 22 immersive stations.

For example, you can freeze your shadow, "paint" with light, spin inside a huge kaleidoscope, mix colored lights to create white light, play with lenses to make your own telescope, and even step through a tunnel of 20,000 LEDs.

Remember those scenes from spy movies where bad guys are trying to avoid stepping through lasers so as not to trigger an alarm and get busted? There's a whole room tricked out with that experience.

"So there's a lot of motion-activated activities where you have to use your whole body," Stanford said.

Technicians and science center staffers worked into the night Friday to get the exhibit ready for Saturday's (Sept. 23) debut.

"The storm kinda threw all of on a little bit of a loop," he said. "This came together in about 5 days."

This Sunday happens to be $10 Day at the Orlando Science Center. So you can check out the entire museum -- including the Playing with Light exhibit -- for about half the price of regular adult admission.

Playing With Light is in town September 23 – January 3.