Anna Cruz, Political Analyst

Ana Cruz, Political Analyst

Ana Cruz is no stranger to the demands of the fast-paced business and political worlds. For the past decade, Ms. Cruz has been extraordinarily successful in shaping the political landscape of the state and the nation.

Her career began in Tampa politics where her hometown roots date back four generations. Her local ties led her to manage a campaign for a state representative, which her expertise led to an overwhelming victory against an incumbent - not an easy task. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Cruz accepted a senior staff position with U.S. Senator Bill Nelson managing West Central Florida. Her tenure with Senator Nelson helped nurture her vast knowledge of the Central Florida and the state, as well as nurture lasting relationships with many local leaders.

She was handpicked in 2002 by Party Leaders to become the Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party. Two years later, Ms. Cruz formed her own company, Leaders Edge, in her hometown of Tampa.

As the Principal of Leaders Edge, Ms. Cruz has a wide array of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and professional sports corporations. Ms. Cruz also serves as a consultant to political and issue campaigns across the state and nation and focuses much of her efforts in the Tampa, Tallahassee and Orlando metropolitan regions. Ms. Cruz and her team of professionals apply the fast-paced momentum of political campaign management to the demands of your dynamic corporate needs.

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