Chuck Bresnahan hired as Bulls defensive coordinator

By Ryan Bass, Bright House Sports Network
Last Updated: Wednesday, January 09, 2013, 11:35 PM EST

Former Oakland Raiders and Florida Tuskers assistant Chuck Bresnahan has been hired as USF's defensive coordinator.

Bresnahan, who last coached with the Oakland Raiders in 2011, will replace Chris Cosh, who was fired after the season. ESPN's Brent McMurphy was the first to report the news.

USF confirmed the news late Wednesday night.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the talent and experience we’ve added to our defensive staff today,” USF head coach Willie Taggart said in a release. “Chuck has coached at the highest levels and will bring a wealth of knowledge on the defensive side of the ball. His ability to teach the game and mentor our players will be an asset to this football team and I know he’ll be a terrific recruiter.”

The 52-year-old coach joins former WKU assistant Raymond Woodie (defensive assistant), Walt Wells (offensive coordinator, offensive line coach) and Nick Sheridan (quarterbacks), as hires to Taggart's staff. He also retained running backs coach Larry Scott from Skip Holtz's staff.

Bresnahan spent one season as the Raiders defensive coordinator before he was fired. There, he had the 29th-ranked defense, and allowed franchise worsts in touchdown passes allowed, pass yards and total yards. He also spent two seasons as an assistant with the Tuskers of the USFL. Bresnahan has also coached with the Bengals, Colts and Browns, totaling 15 years of experience in the NFL.

His last college coaching expereince came in the 1992-93 season as the defensive coordinator for Maine.

Ryan Bass is a reporter for Bright House Sports Network. Find him on twitter, @Ry_Bass.

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