Wharton quarterback Chase Litton staying home, picks USF

By Ryan Bass, Bright House Sports Network
Last Updated: Monday, June 17, 2013, 6:26 PM EDT

Chase Litton didn't want to prolong the inevitable any longer.

He wanted to become a Bull.

The Wharton quarterback, one of the top signal callers in the class of 2014, committed to USF on Monday in an exclusive studio interview with Bright House Sports Network, picking the Bulls over offers from LSU, FIU and FAU, among others. Last season, Litton passed for 2,732 yards - third-most in the state - and 23 touchdowns.

Litton's had a wild few months. He competed in the Elite 11 quarterback competition in Atlanta, and won the Golden Gun award, given to the top passer. He's also visited USF, Louisville and Alabama and thrown for their coaching staffs.

Click on the video link to hear from Litton as he explains his decision to attend USF.

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