Out There: Lemur Feeding

By Grant Rice,
Last Updated: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 11:13 AM EST

Tucked away just off US 98 in Pasco County you'll find an unusual ranch where after entering through the gate you'll feel as if you've somehow been transported to Africa. The Giraffe Ranch is home not only to giraffes but also several other exotic species including ring-tailed lemurs.These furry little primates are one of the species which you are allowed to feed by hand, an experience you won't soon forget.

Like all lemurs, they are endemic to the island of Madagascar. These highly social omnivores are diurnal, meaning they are exclusively active during the day. Ring-tailed lemurs typically live in female dominant social groups of up to 30 individuals. They are very gentle primates and are ready to eat grapes right out of your hand or have you stick them directly into their mouths.

In addition to the oportunity to feed lemurs at the Giraffe Ranch there are several other exciting and unique activities. They offer intimate safari expeditions led by experienced driver-guides in customized 4-WD safari tour vehicles. You will be safe, comfortable and get a terrific view, as each vehicle is fitted with shade canopies and stadium seating. You will learn about native and exotic animals and their habitats from your safari guide as well as see their ongoing conservation efforts with endangered species including some that are extinct in the wild.

For more information on feeding the lemurs and the other activities offered at the Giraffe Ranch, including pricing and tour times, be sure to visit their website. Tours are by reservation only so give them a call today to schedule your very own safari experience.

Giraffe Ranch is located at 38650 Mickler Road in Dade City.

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