Average Angler: Cedar Key Clams

By Grant Rice,
Last Updated: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 11:29 AM EST

Cedar Key is a small island and fishing community located 3 miles off the west coast of Florida with a population around 800. It's a rather remote town and to get there you have to cross four bridges to reach this sleepy and rustic hidden gem of the Sunshine State. One of the oldest towns in the state, it's colorful history dates back to the days of pirates. Throughout the years Cedar Key has been many things, but in it's hay day it was a thriving deep sea port at the end of the busy Fernandina Railroad line, known for pencil manfucaturing and timber. Today it is one of the top producers of farm-raised clams in the country.

Mike and Heath Davis, father and son, own and operate Cedar Key Seafarms. The Davis family comes from generations of commercial fisherman who have earned their living on the water. Over the years, their work has evolved from offshore fishing, net fishing, stone crabbing and operating fish houses to clam and oyster farming after the enactment of the Florida Net Ban in 1995.

The Davis family overcame the challenges presented to them with the net ban and have become one of the top names in the clam industry. No matter what kind of work they've done over the years, they always go the extra mile for better results. This is their guarantee to customers that when you buy Cedar Key Seafarms clams you'll be recieving the best the sea can offer with a focus on customer service that is purposefully top notch.

Clam farming is in fact 100% naturally and evironmentally sustainable. Bivalves, shellfish such as clams and oysters, eat microscopic algae and other small particles from the water. This filter feeding process helps clean the water. A single clam can clean over 15 gallons of water per day and a small clam farm can clean around 30 to 100 million gallons of water each day. Clam and oyster farming also relieves the presssure off the wild oysters and clams so that they are not depleted by overharvesting, giving them time to recvover naturally.

Cedar Key Seafarms clams and oysters are available for retail purchase at the Salty Needle Quilt Shop (10a-5p Monday to Saturday) in Cedar Key at 434 2nd St, telephone: (352) 543-9779

If you are interested in home delivery, please contact them.

For more information about Cedar Key Seafarms visit their website.

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