Athlete of the Week: Land O' Lakes pitcher Callie Turner

By Katherine Smith, Spectrum Sports
Last Updated: Friday, April 21, 2017, 1:03 PM EDT

Land O’ Lakes pitcher Callie Turner is turning heads and a lot of bats with her performances on the mound this season.

Only a sophomore and already committed to the University of Tennessee, Turner is actually just scratching the surface of her potential. 

Turner’s really good at sizing up the opposition. Particularly, the rare ones that get a hit off the Land O’ Lakes ace.

"I think about the pitch that they got so that I can work on it,” she said.

That work ethic has helped Turner develop into one of the top pitchers in the state. Double digit strikeouts are the norm this Gator. She accounted for every out in a 1-0 win over River Ridge with 21 strikeouts. The first 12 outs in the win against Academy at the Lakes were strikeouts.

"I love like the feeling of that I’m in control when I pitch, especially when I’m doing good," she said.

“When you see her on the mound, it doesn’t matter what pitch happens, she doesn’t change her demeanor,” Land O' Lakes coach Mitch Wilkins said.

Turner has her Gators team primed for bigger and better things. She brings an infectious attitude to the diamond every time.

“She really loves the game. She loves every part of it. She loves all of her teammates," Wilkins said. "If you watch the video of her, at the end of every inning, no matter what the play was, she sprints to her catcher and gives her a high five and then she goes around and bumps knuckles with everybody.”

There’s been a lot of celebrating this season. Thanks to Turner, the party should continue.

“She’s probably the most coachable superstar I’ve ever met," Wilkins said. "She’s just one of those kids that every coach says I wish I had 10 of them.”