Weather Blog: Bermuda High to bring showers, storms

By Jamie Martin, Meteorologist
Last Updated: Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 4:34 PM EDT

We are almost out of the dry season and heading toward the all-important wet season here in Florida.

  • Central Florida heading into wet weather season
  • Season last usually from late May to mid-October
  • Location of Bermuda High can determine where storms will be

The season usually begins in late May and lasts through the middle part of October. The key players are the "Bermuda High," along with the high heat and humidity — the very things that make it somewhat uncomfortable outside during the summer but keep our landscaping green and thriving.

The Bermuda High is named for the region in which it usually stays for the summer months. It does wobble a bit, and that's where meteorology comes in.

Depending on its location, we can predict where the west and east coast sea breezes will meet and spark up heavy showers and storms. The high heat over the land causes the air to rise and be replaced by the sea breeze on both coasts.

If the prevailing winds are out of the east, then the collision will be over the western half of the peninsula. If they are south, the collision will be down the middle of the state. It is these days of 40 to 50 percent chance of showers and storms that amount to the majority of our annual rainfall.

So if your yard is brown and crunchy, don’t despair — the wet season is almost here, but it will take awhile to recover from the deficit we are in now.