TAMPA, Fla. -- At this fun-packed spot in Hillsbourgh County, you'll find yourself leaping and jumping to new heights.  

We tested out AirHeads Trampoline Arena and found out just how much fun and how much of a workout you’ll get at this Tampa destination, so get ready for a bouncing good time. 

"I’ve been to other trampoline parks that offer things similar to this, but this place is by far the best I've been to," camp counselor Troy Tsotsos said. 

For first-time camp counselor Tsotsos, AirHeads Trampoline Arena is a place filling his campers' day with excitement, laughs and plenty of smiles. 

"It's all the jumping and exercise we get and it’s just fun because it has activities for all ages," summer camper participant Ryan Stern, said. 

"It's hard and intense at times, you can see some kids are struggling, so it's harder than it looks, but so fun," camp counselor James Martin said. 

Dozens of trampolines line the walls and floors of this massive action park, where you can bounce or get competitive with their games of dodgeball on the trampoline floors. 

It might be its newest attraction installed just this past month that is getting rave reviews from all the kids. 

The ninja-warrior challenge course has you leaping, rolling, and jumping like a real ninja. It has everything from a rope wall, to balancing obstacles, even a hanging-ladder challenge that requires a lot of upper body strength to maneuver through. 

"It's just like the show, 'American Ninja Warrior'. It's like if I were to try out for the show I'd probably come here to warm up. It's a lot of fun," Tsotsos said. 

AirHeads Trampoline Arena is sure to give you the excitement you crave all while testing your inner ninja warrior skills. 

Airhead AirHeads Trampoline Arena s is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. with different locations across the state.