The box office hit The Hunger Games has sparked interest in the sport of archery for many people.

Jeff Hajari hopes his invention, "The Twister Nock," will help add to that craze.

Basically the nock is an arrow that can go faster and farther than a conventional one. The arrow can also penetrate deeper into a target.

"It gets you a lot better accuracy," Hajari said. "It gives a lot better trajectory."

"The Twister Nock actually spins when you shoot it, compared to a regular arrow.

"When you use a mechanical nock, the arrow spins right off the get go," Hajari said. "The arrow doesn't get a chance to flex."

Hajari said he came up with the idea while sitting in the woods. So he quickly put his ideas on paper. He's now got a patent for it.

Hajari came to America from Iran. He started out as a chauffeur for the United Nations in New York and then spent time in the construction business. Throughout it all, Hajari's love for the outdoors remained strong.

"You feel like you're connected to the people that have been there before you and hunted the same ground," Hajari said.

Hajari said it does take a little time to get the hang of archery. And he hopes his invention will make that experience a little easier.