Some Bay area families have a Happy Thanksgiving this year, thanks to a local church.

A giveaway event was organized by members of Miracle Center World Outreach on Sunday at George Steinbrenner Field.

Veronda Conage and her kids were happy to pick up their donations.

"We're here to get the turkey and Thanksgiving dinner for the children," said Conage.

Conage and her kids were among more than a thousand to pick up a turkey with all of the fixings.

"We didn't have a turkey, so we will have a turkey now and thanksgiving dinner, me and my three kids," said Conage.

"Turkey! I'm excited about the turkey,” said one of her sons.

The church had collected donations in about eight weeks, for enough to give those in need of a holiday meal.

"What they told our people was that they wouldn't of had a Thanksgiving,” said Pastor Billy Burke. “People came here that were out of work, no money, broke, living in hotels. It was pretty sad."

Church members said the feeling they had from being able to help the families, is what they’re thankful for.

"For them to come in here and see them walk out of here, you know to me is the core of Christianity is giving," said Burke. "And we're just happy we could do that today."

Church leaders say an estimated 3,000 people were able to get food donations during the event.