The Pasco Sheriff's Office has released the names of the two skydivers found dead in a wooded area south of the Zephyrhills Municipal Airport just off Yonkers Road.

The student is 25-year-old Andrimar Pordarson. 

The instructor is 40-year-old Orvar Arnarson.

They are both from Iceland.

Deputies located their bodies from the air around 7:30 p.m. Saturday after searching for more than four hours.

The two men, part of a group from Iceland, left on the third jump of the day along with 20 others in the plane around 10:30 a.m.

When the two men did not return, the Zephyrhills Police Department began to search.

David Hayes is the general manager of Skydive City. He says it doesn’t look like either of the skydivers tried to open their main parachutes but the reserve parachutes did automatically activate.

“We have a lot of questions out there,” said David Hayes, Skydive City. “The reserves were out but apparently not to have time to inflate so that is unusual itself."

Hayes wonders if they collided, got tangled up or lost track of their altitude. It appears all their gear was in good shape. It was legal and fully operational. He says the instructor was experienced and this wasn’t the student’s first jump.

“The student had seven jumps here and I believe a jump last year so I believe eight jumps total. Apparently doing ok on his training,” said Hayes.

Sharon Bartlett drove by to watch the skydivers today and was sad to hear the news.

“Very sad, very sad. My heart goes out to their families,” said Bartlett.

 “I can’t say if it will be days or weeks before we would come up with a real plausible scenario of what happened,” said Hayes.