Six Orlando men have been arrested in Manatee County for several armed robberies of outlet malls in the area.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, Kelsey Coffey, Keenan Davis, Moses Patterson, Jamal Tillman, Danoris Scott, and Tiandre Rogers committed multiple robberies.

They were caught at the Ellenton Premium Outlets by deputies who received a tip.

Deputies staked out the mall and caught the suspects as they came out with bags full of stolen cash.

They said Coffey and Davis rushed the clerks at the Nike store as they were closing up the store and forced them back inside while the other suspects acted as lookouts.

Inside the store, the men hit one clerk on the head and tied both of them up with zip ties. They then cleaned out the safe. 

As the men were headed to their getaway vehicle, deputies moved in.

The men tried to run but were caught.

A shotgun and handgun were found in the getaway vehicle.

The clerks did not suffer any serious injuries.

Investigators said Coffey and Davis were also charged with false imprisonment for tying up the clerks.