An invention by a University of South Florida professor is getting national attention.

Dance instructor Merry Lynn Morris is the inventor of the rolling dance chair. It is a high-tech way to help disabled dancers and others to creatively get around.

"This could be used for fitness, for rehabilitation, for therapeutic purposes or for a person who is temporarily injured," Morris said.

This month, the invention was featured at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Innovation Festival in Washington.

"We had hundreds of people literally try the chair, ask questions about it, and it was exciting," Morris said.

Morris has been working on the invention for the last decade. But recently, she began using the latest technology to help the chair become an even better dance partner. By using her cell phone, she's able to move the chair however she'd like.

"We're capitalizing on existing technologies and taking it a little bit further in conceptualizing this chair," Morris said.

Morris said the concept has gotten all sorts of attention.

She said she's currently talking with executives from two companies who are interested in marketing her invention.