Voters head back to the polls today to elect the next city commissioner for Orlando's District 5 seat.

The hotly contested race pits Juan Lynum against Regina Hill, with both candidates saying the other is not fit for office for different reasons.

For the first time in 16 years, Daisy Lynum is not on the ballot. She withdrew from the race so her son could run, which created a bit of controversy.

Lynum said he meets Orlando's residency requirements for a city commissioner, saying he lives with his mother in the district and is eligible.

“It creates a negative environment around Juan Lynum and his campaign," said News 13 political analyst Frank Torres. "You and I are talking about it. All the voters are talking about it. And, it could make some voters second guess themselves.”

A voter filed a lawsuit questioning whether he lives with his wife and children in the Tampa area, or at a home in Sumter County where he filed his homestead exemption.

"A lot of voters might believe that it's difficult for the candidate to really relate to them and what's important to them if they don't live in the same area as they do," Torres said.

Torres said that will be among the questions voters ask themselves before casting that ballot. “If voters are happy with the way things are, with openness to perhaps a couple of changes, Juan Lynum might be their guy. If they want to throw everything out and start over with a brand new platform, they might want to look at Regina Hill.”

Meanwhile, Hill carries some baggage of her own, in the form of a previous arrest.

Torres expects voter turnout to be around 10 percent.

We reached out to both candidates. Lynum refused an interview request and Hall did not respond.

The polls will be open until 7 p.m.