The buzz is building at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as Dolphin Tale 2 enters its final month of post-production.

The sequel continues the incredible survival story of Winter the Dolphin, who has a prosthetic tail. And it introduces the CMA’s other special rescue dolphin, Hope.

While the sequel to Dolphin Tale may have some Hollywood touches, the relationship between Winter and Hope needed no embellishment.

They are real-life companions, naturally curious beings and pretty solid actors, according to CMA dolphin trainer Abby Stone.

"So getting them to do a lot of the things that you see on screen is fairly easy,” Stone said. “I mean, they are kind of playing themselves."

David Yates, CEO and director of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and an executive producer of the Dolphin Tale movies, said the movie is two to three weeks from completion.

"We are in the final stages of editing,” he said. “It's almost fully edited. We are laying down the visual effects literally as we speak."

Yates said there are more inspiring stories like Winter’s and Hope's tales. And that's why he is working on a Dolphin Tale 3 concept.