A Pasco County man is giving the gift of better sight to people in Haiti.

Optician Charley Chaney does more than just sell eye glasses. He spends countless hours being a part of a vision.

"We are donating time and we've got time," said Chaney.

For more than six years, Chaney has donated his time helping local missionary Russ Montgomery. Together, the men help give glasses to people in Haiti and Cuba.

Every month, Russ travels to one of the islands to help treat patients with eye problems.

Rus was in Haiti on Friday and said over the phone the demand is always high.

"Today, at eight o'clock there is at least 50 patients waiting for us and more coming," said Montgomery.

Every month he sends his empty frames donated to him and prescriptions to Charley.

"Very odd prescriptions, things you don't normally see in the United States, extremely strong prescriptions because people haven't had medical care that could go for 50 years," Chaney.

Chaney takes an average of about 50 empty frames a month and turns them into eye glasses. The glasses are then picked up and shipped to those who needed the most.

"They can be more productive," said Chaney. "We had school teachers that we are able to go back and teach, taxi drivers that are able to go back and work."