The Pasco County Supervisor of Elections is cautioning voters about a mail ballot scam in which a caller asks for the voter's Social Security number.

A voter was called by someone asking her if she wanted a vote-by-mail ballot. They then asked for her Social Security number.

Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley says that there is no legal requirement to give your Social Security number to receive a vote-by-mail ballot. He also says requests for mail in ballots are handled only with the elections office.

"One of the most popular ways to vote now is vote by mail or absentee ballot," said Corley. "They're synonymous, as you know, and that opens up a territory if you will, an opportunity an opportunity for someone with nefarious motives."

Over 50,000 ballots were mailed out on Tuesday. You can still request them until Oct. 29.

In the meantime, Corley is asking those who have received a call to contact him at 813-579-0707.