The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will not "sweep anything under the rug."

The sheriff’s office has put a rug with a misprint up for auction.

The rug had been placed in the lobby of the Sheriff's Administration Building located at 10750 Ulmerton Road in Largo for a couple months. That’s until a deputy noticed a typo that read "In Dog We Trust."

The rug was removed from the lobby and put on the auction block. Bidding, which started at $100, has already reached $1,000 as of Thursday evening.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit the local animal rescue group Canine Estates, Incorporated in Palm Harbor.

While there were two rugs in the lobby, only one of them had the misprint. The sheriff's office has verified that the submitted proof was correct.

The cost of the rug was $500. The sheriff's office is currently working with the manufacturer, American Floor Mats, to obtain a replacement rug.

“It just took one person I guess looking down yesterday and saw it, and there you go,” said Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. “I've received emails from people as far away as the United Kingdom, all over Europe, Mexico, South America and certainly here within the United States that will do anything to get that rug.”