A Parrish family's obsession with their favorite show has their homeowners association's attention.

LeAnn and Davis Moder received a letter from the association requesting their time machine and spacecraft, called the TARDIS, inspired by the popular British TV show “Doctor Who,” be removed from their driveway.

“It struck me as very, very funny," said David Moder. "It was like it was just a very formal letter, and I was like, what a nerdy problem to have like to get a letter saying your TARDIS is in violation.”

The couple was married in front of the time machine.

“We did a Doctor Who themed wedding,” said Moder. “We had been watching it for a few years already.”

Saturday Moder and her fellow Who fans gathered in her Parrish driveway to watch a few episodes of their favorite show. Really they showed support for that handmade time machine in front of her house. They only have a few more days to move it out of their driveway.

“I maintain this is actually just a mode of transportation therefore it should be allowed to be in my driveway,” said Moder, jokingly.

The TARDIS doesn’t actually work, but they are having fun with the situation.

“You know I think a few people are saying rules are rules and you have to follow the rules which I get,” said Moder.

Meanwhile fans of the show are stopping by to enjoy the TARDIS for a few more days until the "who-viction" notice takes effect.

“It’s a really cool replica," said Greg Plantamura. "It’s actual size it looks just like the one on TV so it’s really a thrill for the fans to see it."

Fans wanting to check out the time machine don’t have to worry about it disappearing into the universe. The Moder’s plan on putting it in their backyard.

The Moder’s who-viction notice has gone viral and has ended up on “Doctor Who” fan Facebook pages and websites all over the world.