The Brandon-area Walmart that suddenly closed in April has reopened.

The store, located at 1208 E Brandon Boulevard, closed abruptly because of ongoing plumbing issues that required extensive repairs.

However, the company came under fire as four other Walmart stores across the country closed without warning. About 430 employees in Brandon were laid off while 2,200 were let go nationwide because dozens of stores faced similar plumbing issues.

Rumors and innuendos still persist about the closing, with some theories saying Walmart closed the location and others as a cost cutting move during a raising minimum-wage dispute.   

However, during the past four months, contractors filed permits for upgrades to the store, including one for a new roof.

The Brandon store also added a 4,000-square-foot liquor store as part of the upgrades.

Nearly two-thirds of the store's previous employees were transferred to other stores in the area during the renovation.