The Pasco County School District attendance rates are progressively getting worse each year.

Now the district is looking for ways to tackle the ongoing challenge, but their latest proposal isn’t sitting well the School Board.

The goal of the proposal is to help students continue learning despite missing class. The current absence policy prevents students with unexcused absence from making up missed work or assignments, and that’s what the district is trying to change.

The proposal would allow students with unexcused absences the ability to make up whatever they missed.

But it’s a proposal the district says would do more damage than help and wouldn’t hold students accountable for their actions.

“I just don’t think that the kid who comes to school every day and does everything that he is supposed to do is going to be treated exactly the same way as a kid who doesn’t want to show up," said School Board Chairman Steve Luikart. "It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not sure it’s rational.”

The district is set to meet with the school board this Tuesday to discuss other possibilities.