A suspicious package was discovered Friday night at the Mosaic company headquarters in Hillsborough County.

  • Suspicious package left at Mosaic headquarters
  • Initial testing did not show anything dangerous inside
  • The FBI will be handling the case

Firefighters responding to the scene conducted initial testing on a package, which reportedly came back negative for any dangerous material. The FBI quickly took over though, delivering the package to a lab at USF for further testing.

Mosaic is still dealing with lawsuits regarding the massive sinkhole that opened up last month. The sinkhole is believed to have leaked than 200 million gallons of slightly radioactive water into the ground.

On Saturday, the FBI released the following statement:

The FBI Tampa Division responded to a call about a suspicious envelope delivered on Friday to the Mosaic Corporation in Lithia, FL. The envelope contained a white, powdery substance that is currently being analyzed at the laboratory. Results are expected to take several days. If anyone has information that could be helpful to this investigation, please call the Tampa FBI at 813-253-1000.