At 1 p.m., Category 2 Hurricane Otto has made landfall on the coast of Nicaragua near a small village. 

  • Otto expected to make landfall today 
  • Tropical Storm conditions beginning in the hurricane warning area 
  • Heavy rainfall will cause flash flooding and mudslides
  • No threat to Florida or the US
  • Hurricane Center

The center is 70 miles  south of the bigger city of Bluefields, Nicaragua.  

Otto is a very small hurricane, with hurricane-force winds extending outward only 15 miles from the center. Otto is the southernmost landfalling hurricane in Central America on record.

Hurricane season officially ends November 30. 

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What exactly are the spaghetti plots?
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Remember that the spaghetti model plot does not indicate the strength of a system or even development at all. It only predicts where this broad area of low pressure is expected to go.