Do you need some Christmas gift ideas that are unique and also the hottest items up for sale on the internet?

Al has a website that will inspire you no matter the age.

The name of this website is toptenreviews -- one of a family of websites from the ad company Purch. The site showcases what are considered to be the newest and best holiday gift ideas for 2016.

Thankfully the site covers all the gift topics: Most popular, most inexpensive, for women, men, girls, boys and deals.

The site includes the popular Amazon Echo Dot. It’s sort of like a Siri for around the house. Amazon calls the voice recognition software Alexa. It can do everything from turning lights on and off to setting up a ride on Uber, to reading the latest news. $50 to $150.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is still a hot item, waterproof now with a brighter display. Kind of pricey at $270.

And for the 3d freak-- the Amazon Playstation VR will set you back about $500. But for gamers it may be one of those gotta-have items.

There’s also a Taylor Precision Digital Scale and measuring cup all in one. The scale has six units of measurements -- super if you’re on a diet trying to keep track of exactly how much you are eating. Only drawback? It’s hand wash only, but just $22.

Another cool idea: A kitchen safe with a timer to prevent you from eating cookies when you shouldn't or keeping items away from the kids like an X-box controller until the timer goes off. It comes in two sizes for $50.

Add color to your child's bike with monkey lights -- waterproof, easy to install for $25.

Or a real-life personality driven robot that has a mind of its own – it actually sees you and recognizes faces, learns and varies its routines. You'll swear it’s actually alive! $180

The site also makes it so easy to order the products with a direct link to the websites that are selling the products.

A word of advice if you buy any of these products: Make sure you check to see it can be delivered in time for the holidays. And pay attention to the return product rules in case these great ideas don't quite meet your expectations.

We've posted a link above -- or click here for toptenreviews