Freedom High School’s 2016 valedictorian is celebrating a double achievement.

  • Maya Patel, 18, graduated with her high school and college degrees
  • Patel: "I feel like I accomplished something."
  • She'll be heading to the University of Tampa in the fall

On June 4, 18-year-old Maya Patel graduated from both Freedom High School and Hillsborough Community College.

“It was a huge milestone in my life,” Patel said.

It was part of the school district’s dual enrollment program.  It was a lot of work, but Patel said she’s happy she did it.

“I feel like I accomplished something,” Patel said. “My hard work has finally paid off and I’ve received the rewards of my labor. I’m very, very excited and happy.”

By graduating from Hillsborough Community College and Freedom High School, Patel made history for her school.

She plans to attend the University of Tampa to major in bio-chemistry and get her MBA.