Winter Haven police arrested a man Tuesday and said he attacked his employers with a meat cleaver. 

  • Winter Haven restaurant owners attacked by employee with meat cleaver
  • Employee upset over being asked for identification to complete paperwork
  • Zhong Huang arrested and charged with attempted murder

Police said the owners of China Park, Zheng Shan and Jia Dong, were in the kitchen of the restaurant with a temporary employee, Zhong Huang. 

The owners were attempting to offer Huang a permanent position after two days on the job, but needed his identification so they could complete the paperwork. 

Huang was hired as a temporary employee through an agency out of New York. 

The owners said Huang got angry, began yelling, and refused to give them his identification. Dong then stepped in and told Huang to leave the restaurant. 

According to the report, Huang got even more outraged after being told to leave. Dong also said they would call the police if he didn't leave. 

When Dong turned to walk to the front of the restaurant, officials said Huang picked up a meat cleaver and began to swing at Dong, striking him in the neck. Huang also yelled that he was going to kill Dong and Shan, according to the report. 

Shan attempted to step in and Huang struck her in the hand with the meat cleaver, police said. Shan continued to reach for the cleaver, but Huang pinned her head to a counter, the report said. 

Huang eventually let go of the cleaver and told the couple that if they called police, he would come back and kill them when he got out of jail. He then left the restaurant. 

Dong and Shan only received minor injuries. 

When police arrived, Huang was located at the back door of the restaurant. 

He is charged with attempted second-degree murder and tampering in felony second-degree proceeding.