April the Poodle is a four time master agility champion, but it's her work as a therapy dog that's made the biggest impact.

  • April the Poodle is a world class athlete
  • Champion dog spends her time connecting with patients
  • Her favorite is Tyler Johnson, 6, who's battling cancer just like her

"These dogs can do things human beings can't, they can make miracles happen," owner Lori Borrowman said.

April has traveled the world with owner Lori Borrowman and has earned the title as one of the fastest dogs in the county. In her downtime, April has spent more than 600 volunteer hours at St. Joseph's hospitals.

"With all the great blessings we've been given it was time to give back to our community," Borrowman said.

Among the thousands of patients April has visited, she's developed an extra special bond with 6-year-old Tyler Johnson. April was by Tyler's side as he battles leukemia.

"She's my best friend," said Tyler. "She made me feel better because I liked petting her."

Tyler didn't know April was also battling cancer.

"I don't know who was comforting and loving who most but I think they were good for each other," Borrowman said.

Both Tyler and April are now doing much better, and Tyler's family couldn't be more thankful they found each other.

"I think it's just wonderful, the pet therapy helps him look forward to coming because he gets to see them and gives him something to do when he's in the hospital and something to look forward to," Leslie Jacobs, Tyler's grandmother, said.

St. Joseph's is always accepting applications for volunteers. For more information, visit their website.