Now that September is finished, let’s take a look back.

September is usually a month where we cut off the rainy season and start to see some drier air. That usually means some cooler mornings and evenings. September 2017 didn’t really see that as the pattern across the country kept the cooler air out west and the east was warm.

We also had higher than average rainfall and most of that was due to Hurricane Irma that came through on September 10th and 11th. Besides that event, we had a few days here and there with scattered showers and thunderstorms.

September 2017 was above average temperature wise despite two unusually cool days when Irma came through.

Here are the numbers from September:

Average Temperature 83.4 (1.7 degrees above average)
Rainfall 6.66” (0.36 inches above normal)

Average Temperature 82.4 (2.2 degrees above average)
Rainfall 12.16” (4.72 inches above average)

Average Temperature 81.3 (0.1 degrees below average)
Rainfall 11.61” (4.51 inches above average)

Average Temperature 81.4 (2.1 degrees above average)
Rainfall 11.57” (5.01 inches below average)

Average Temperature 83.9 (2.0 degrees above average)
Rainfall 7.98” (0.99 inches above average)

St Petersburg
Average Temperature 83.8 (1.5 degrees above average)
Rainfall 5.84” (1.92 inches below average)

Winter Haven
Average Temperature 82.1 (0.6 degrees above average)
Rainfall 9.35” (3.10 inches above average)

Looking ahead, October usually brings the first really good cold front. We are still stuck in a pattern that won’t allow a good cooling to take place but the month is long and we should at least see some cooler weather.

Most locations have their average temperatures go from the upper 80s for highs and low 70s for lows on the 1st to the low 80s for highs and the low to mid 60s for lows by the 31st.

October usually begins our dry season as well where we only average between 2 and 3 inches of rain in a typical October.