A Bay area community is saying goodbye to a beloved neighbor. John Kean served as a volunteer firefighter for decades in the town of San Antonio in Pasco County--and many say it's a big loss to their community. 

  • Pasco County community says goodbye to beloved firefighter
  • John Kean passed away at 72 from cancer
  • Kean was a volunteer firefighter for decades

Tommy Humphries, a friend and fellow firefighter to John Kean, said John enjoyed helping people. 

Humphries volunteered alongside Kean for the last seven years for Pasco Fire Rescue. But before that, Kean worked in the San Antonio Firehouse for years and was well known as someone who loved helping his community. 

"At the heart of it all, it was John's compassion to be in his community and help others out who were in need," Humphries said. 

Kean passed away at 72-years-old after a long battle with cancer. But even as his health was failing, he remained active as a volunteer, even serving as Association President. 

"That's the kind of thing that explains why he didn't cease to be active as a firefighter, even as he got older or was in poor health. Because he continued to want to work however he could," Humphries explained. 

Kean started volunteering in the early 1970s, spending many years in East Pasco. Fire Rescue officials said his passing is a big loss to their department. 

A funeral for Kean will be held on Friday at Hodges Funeral Home in Dade City. The first part of the service is open to the public at 11 a.m.