SpaceX had perfect weather for a picture-perfect afternoon launch at Kennedy Space Center Monday.

It was chilly and a bit windy, but that didn't deter Space X from the successful launch at the beginning of the window at 3:34 p.m.  

SpaceX sent the Falcon 9 rocket into space with a communications satellite for KT SAT, a South Korean telecom and media service provider.

Once in geostationary transfer orbit, the Koreasat-5A will provide internet access, multimedia, broadcast and fixed communication services for Asia and the Middle East.

This new satellite will replace the KoreaSat 5 that was launched back in 2006. 

The rocket's first stage then successfully landed on a droneship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The next scheduled launch for Space X is targeted for some time in November. The company will be launching the Zuma Payload from the Kennedy Space Center. 

Meanwhile, SpaceX will attempt the maiden launch for the Falcon Heavy at Kennedy Space Center, also possibly in December.

SpaceX launch live chat

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