October 2017 was an interesting month.

Our summer continued, at least from a temperature standpoint. We even had a few summer-like days, with scattered sea breeze driven thunderstorms.

We waited a long time for the first good cold front to come in. That finally arrived on the 17th with a good amount of rain and finally much lower humidity and cooler temperatures.

Those temps were still a bit above average, but felt good. After that, another front cooled us way down for the end of the month.

For the first three plus weeks of October, we were averaging about 5 to 6 degrees above normal. The last 7 days of the month balanced it out by averaging 7 to 8 degrees below normal.

Overall October, 2016 was slightly above average temperature-wise and near normal for rainfall.
Here is a look at the numbers…

Average Temp 78.2 (1.9 degrees above average)
Rainfall 3.07” (0.81” above average)

Average Temp 77.0 (0.6 degrees above average)
Rainfall 3.32” (0.71” above average)

St Petersburg
Average Temp 77.9 (0.6 degrees above average)
Rainfall 2.11 (0.66 inches below average)

Average Temp 77.1 (0.6 degrees above average)
Rainfall 2.82” (0.27 inches below average)

Average Temp 74.8 (0.8 degrees above average)
Rainfall 2.01” (0.71 inches below average)

As we head into November, we usually see more cold fronts with the potential for colder weather.

But, November is typically our driest month of the year. Normal or average highs go from the low 80s on the 1st to the mid 70s on the 30th. Our mornings stay in the low to mid 60s on the 1st and end the month in the low to mid 50s. Rainfall is usually less than 2 inches.