A Citrus County High School teacher has been removed from his classroom after allegedly making inappropriate comments about President Trump.

  • Teacher Andreas Zybell has worked in district since 2001
  • Student upset by Zybell calling Trump supporters 'white trash'
  • Zybell removed from classroom, temporarily reassigned to district office

Crystal River High School parent Jason Bucy was frustrated when his daughter told him about comments her U.S. Government teacher, Andreas Zybell, made about supporters of the nation's current president.

"She was told Trump supporters were white trash, hillbilly, and uneducated," Bucy said.

Bucy and his family support the president, which is why he said his daughter was upset after hearing those comments.

"She supports the man in office, because her father has taught her that whoever is in office, you support them. You may not agree with them, but you still support them," Bucy explained.

When school leaders found out about the comments, they removed Zybell from his classroom.

We reached out to the district for comment and were referred to their policy handbook, which states the following:

“In presenting controversial materials on an issue the teacher shall present all sides of the question without bias or prejudice and shall permit each student to arrive at his or her own conclusions."

Bucy is glad to see the district taking action and hopes his daughter won't experience something like this again.

"If you're teaching about U.S. government, you need to be teaching about how the system works. Keep your opinions out," Bucy said. "If you're going to have an opinion, make sure you have both sides of that opinion."

School officials say Zybell has been temporarily reassigned to work in the district office while this case is being investigated.

Zybell has been with the district since 2001.