Taking a page from its K-9 unit cousins, a citizen doggo leaped into action in Daytona Beach on Thursday night when men fleeing deputies ran into its backyard.

  • Men running from Volusia deputies enter backyard with large dog
  • Sheriff's Office helicopter footage shows very good boy tackling one
  • Men got away but deputies caught up to them soon after

In Sheriff's Office helicopter footage, two men can be seen running through backyards of the residential Circle Drive neighborhood of Daytona Beach.

When they entered one fenced backyard, a large dog leaped into action, aggressively chasing the men across the yard. It catches up to one of the men, biting him from behind and tackling him to the ground.

"One's getting attacked by a neighbor's dog there," the helicopter operator is heard casually telling deputies in pursuit on the ground.

The video was posted to the Sheriff's Office's Facebook page.

Deputies said the men were driving a Camaro with a stolen tag and carrying heroin and cocaine. The men were soon taken into custody and taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail on Friday, they said.


(Volusia County Sheriff's Office)