The city of Palm Coast firefighters are hoping to keep you safe as you cook your turkeys this holiday.

  • Palm Coast firefighters teach safe turkey-frying
  • Frying turkey could lead to burns or other injuries
  • Fryers must be used outdoors

They demonstrated Monday morning the right and wrong way to fry your turkeys, although after two attempts, the fire didn’t ignite.

Firefighters said frying your turkey could lead to devastating burns, other injuries and destruction of property. They also said to make sure the turkey is thawed all the way before frying. The key is to pre-measure, not overfill the pot with oil and use on a clean, hard surface.

The Palm Coast fire chief said they normally receive two to three calls on Thanksgiving because of fires from these incidents.

"Between noon and three, they’re going to get a call, they’re going to sit and they’re going to have their dinner all ready to go, and they’re going to get a call because unfortunately somebody maybe did something they shouldn’t have done,” said Chief Mike Beadle, Palm Coast Fire Department.

“We’re trying to avoid that. We’re trying to revert any catastrophes on Thanksgiving and just have a safe holiday."

The chief also said that turkey fryers must be used outdoors — do not use the fryers under awnings, tents, or any enclosed spaces.