A 5-year-old boy struck by a car while crossing a busy Tampa roadway with his mother and younger brother was released from the hospital Thursday morning. His mother and brother remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

Jordan Williams is staying with his mother's aunt, Beva Thiem, while his 18-month-old brother, Noah, and his mother, Cassandra Spicola, 29, receive treatment for their injuries. The three were hit by a southbound Toyota Camry on Wednesday while crossing South Dale Mabry Highway to reach Wyoming Avenue.

Spicola was holding Jordan's hand while carrying Noah as they crossed the street. They were not using the crosswalk.

Police said the driver immediately stopped and was not impaired at the time of the incident. The driver said he didn't see the family crossing until it was too late.

Thiem said police told her the driver would not be charged in the crash because Spicola was jaywalking.

Meanwhile, Spicola is in critical condition and may be suffering from more than a broken pelvis.

"They said pelvis, but now my brother's wife is up there now, and she just called and told me that it might be her spine, too," Thiem said.

Thiem also said Spicola and Noah are suffering from brain bleeds.

"Maybe the bleeding will go down and heal itself, because children can heal faster than an adult," Thiem said. "I'm praying for both of them."

Residents who live near the scene of the crash said despite the absence of a crosswalk, many people cross the street at that point because it's convenient.