The city of Palm Coast released their after action report from Hurricane Irma Tuesday.

  • Palm Coast releases after action report from Irma
  • Report details areas of improvement, such as staffing, training
  • New changes include more communication, resources

It focuses on what happened during the storm and where improvements should be made.

City leaders discussed the recommendations with the fire department and others who play important roles during a hurricane.

The city made recommendations after Hurricane Matthew less than a year ago.

But now there are new areas for improvement after Irma such as staffing, training, operations, reporting and tracking, debris removal and communications.

New changes will include increased resources for sandbags, new weather stations so first responders and the community can keep up with weather conditions in their areas, and feeding crews who are out working in the storm.

“Just more safety, more communication and more places where people can go to get the information,” said Charlotte Hacker, hurricane victim.

“Some of the things we found through [Hurricane] Matthew were citizens calls we revamped the call center and added more call takers,” said Chief Mike Beadle.

The city is also planning to increase communications with homes for the elderly and assistant living facilities. They've added new weather stations and are looking to add four more to help track the weather for first responders and residents.

The city also may look at enforcing code on people who leave up their shutters too long after a storm due to fire safety hazard.