FEMA is still staffing up in Central Florida, two months since Hurricane Irma ripped off roofs, flooded homes and caused extensive damage.

  • FEMA's temporary jobs last 6 months to year
  • Agency is looking to fill various jobs
  • Pay is between $16 to $29 an hour
  • Apply for FEMA jobs here

The federal agency has doled out millions to those impacted by the storm, including $145 million for residents in Central Florida counties.

However, FEMA needs help helping Irma-survivors. Just this week 13 people were sworn-in to work at FEMA in Central Florida.

There are still more than two dozen different positions available in the Orlando area.

The agency is looking for people to handle administrative responsibilities, congressional affairs, customer service and digital communications, among others.

The jobs are temporary, only lasting six months to a year.

“They can get paid by FEMA to help out and be a part of the recovery process,” said FEMA spokesman Peter Sessum. “Because really, who would be more empathic to a disaster survivor than someone who also survived that disaster?”

Sessum says jobs pay $16 an hour to $29 an hour.

If you want to apply for a FEMA job, click here.