Will he or won't he? That's the political question that's been dogging prominent attorney John Morgan for a week since he sent out a tweet the day after Thanksgiving.

"Spent all of Thanksgiving with my whole family. While it’s amazing to be leading the polls for governor without being a candidate I can’t muster the enthusiasm to run for the nomination."

On Sunday's Political Connections, Spectrum News' Ybeth Bruzual talks with Morgan about his message and whether he's 100 percent sure he's not going to run for governor.

John Morgan: "I don't know. Look, here's what happened. Earlier this year, somebody put my name out, said he'd be a good governor. At the end of the year, I was leading the polls, but I really had never set off on this journey, and it became overwhelming. I was probably turning down 30 or 40 events a month."

Ybeth Bruzual: "Are you leaving the door open.. yes or no?"

John Morgan: "I never say never to anything."

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