Local Dreamers continue to push for lawmakers to pass a Dream Act before they go on break in two weeks.

A group of Dreamers, local teachers and activists met with Senator Bill Nelson’s representatives in his Orlando office Tuesday morning. They want to make sure Congress adds a Dream Act to the discussion of the end of the year funding bill.  

About 800,000 Dreamers are uncertain about their future after President Donald Trump announced the end of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).    

“It was 6 years of just waiting, and hoping that one day I would go back get an education because an education is what’s going to open the door,” said Dreamer Kevin Ortiz. “Education is what’s giving me the opportunity to network and develop skills that I would’ve not developed on my own.”

Senator Bill Nelson is currently in Washington D.C. but has expressed his support of passing a Dream Act. He says he will push to do it before the holidays.

"They're some of the most productive of our young people, some of the most educated, and we simply have to find a solution,” said Senator Nelson last week during a press conference.  

It’s a solution that allows Dreamers like Ortiz to in fact fulfill their dreams.

"I want every highschool student that is DACA or who's a dreamer to know that they can go to college,” Ortiz expressed.