Mission United in Citrus County is working to bring veterans in the community together, most recently doing so on the water.

  • Veterans ventured out to Homosassa Springs to see manatees, wildlife
  • Trip put together by Homosassa Riverside Resort, River Adventure Tours
  • Information for next tour? Contact Mission United

The group organized a trip for area veterans to Homosassa Springs to give participants an up close look at the manatees and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

About 12 veterans braved the cold for the trip, put on for free by the Homosassa Riverside Resort and River Adventure Tours.  One of the veterans, Richard Hunt, said he wouldn't miss it for the world.

"I feel most comfortable around other veterans," Hunt explained.

Hunt served in the Marines, and was wounded during the Vietnam War. He said it's easier to talk to other veterans because they know what he's been though.

"It's kind of a club that no one really wants to join," Hunt said. "It just sort of happens. Veterans that do combat especially share some very unique experiences and it's not something that we necessarily talk about with the world."

That's why Mission United Director and Marine Veteran Josh Langston-White said it's important to have trips like this. which help establish ties between veterans in the community.

"(It’s important to have) a phone number someone you know you can pick up if you're having a difficult time whether it's related to your time in service or not anything that can trigger a difficult time," Langston-White said. "So coming together and having that friendship having someone you can count on you can call at any time is huge."

Hunt told us the large veteran community and outreach programs in the county are a big reason he moved here.

"I moved from Orlando to here, and it's one of the best things I've ever done," Hunt explained.

Mission United hopes to make this trip a monthly event. Any veterans interested in participating in future trips are asked to call Mission United in Citrus County.