Amazing stats about the Dec 7- Dec 11 snowstorm that started in Southwest Texas and continued all the way into Maine: 

-LAKE CHARLES, LA: Snow total 2.1” – Most since 1973  7th largest snowfall on record there

-JACKSON, MS: Snow total 5.1” – Most since 1982  7th largest snowfall on record there

-MERIDIAN, MS: Snow total 5.0” – Most since 1963  3rd largest snowfall on record there

-SAN ANTONIO, TX: Snow total 1.9” – Most since 1985

-CORPUS CHRISTI, TX: Snow total 1” – 3rd highest on record there. “Thundersnow” was observed for 4 hours, some parts of the city reported 5” of snow. Snow fell on the Gulf coast in the same areas hit by Hurricane Harvey in early September.

-LAREDO, TX: Snow total 1.3” – 3rd highest on record there

-FL PANHANDLE: 1-2” of snow fell Friday night in the extreme NW part of Florida.

-NE GEORGIA: Up to a foot of snow fell in the mountains of NE Georgia and W North Carolina causing significant power outages.

Snow covers debris still to be picked up from Hurricane Harvey in the Texas coastal bend. (Image from Texas DOT)