"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" hits theaters Thursday night, fueling a frenzy online about the film.

Even if you did not bring your porg to work on Wednesday, you likely know the movie is coming out.

Spectrum News' Christie Zizo, a digital media producer, shared her porg with anchor Ybeth Bruzual and the little thing was really getting around the station on Wednesday.

The first film made its debut in 1977. Fans were used to waiting years in between films. Now under the Disney umbrella, this will be the third film in as many years.

Yet, on Twitter, people remain excited.

Earlier this week, the movie hit London and some royals, princes William and Harry, made their way to the red carpet premiere. Rumors swirled they made cameos in the film, but were cut last minute.

However, Kensington Palace tweeted that the princes got their own Stormtrooper helmets.

Even astronauts are getting into the action, as NASA works with Disney to screen the movie aboard the International Space Station.

Reviews for the film are starting to trickle in, including from original filmmaker, George Lucas, who called the film, "beautifully made."

But, no spoilers here.

Unless you want to watch the trailer, of course.