A new Interstate 4 exit ramp is opening on Thursday in an area that sees plenty of congestion during rush hour.

Drivers will have to exit one mile sooner to use the Michigan Street exit (Exit 81A) near downtown Orlando.

The ramp is much longer and drivers can start exiting about one mile sooner if they are on I-4 westbound

Exit 81A connects to the I-4 West entrance ramp from Gore Street and State Road 408.

The new ramp is expected to provide some relief for people trying to head to SoDo district of Orlando.

The old exit is currently closed and drivers will see a "ramp closed" sign in front of it. The old ramp was usually congested during rush hour.

Construction would also cause overnight closures, but this will not affect travelers heading east on I-4.

Drivers can still take Kaley Street to get to SoDo.

The opening was delayed due to weather.

"In order for I-4 Ultimate crews to finish the last section of paving for the exit ramp and to stripe the ramp, temperatures must be at least 45 degrees and rising. If it is too cold, the asphalt will become brittle and not bond properly. Cold weather will also cause paint for lane markings to gum up and not dry correctly," explained the I-4 Ultimate Project's website.

New Michigan Street Exit ramp