The Seminole Heights neighborhood was seen in a whole new light Saturday night. 

Residents gathered to celebrate the lighting of a Christmas tree at the Graham Building along Florida Avenue. 

Former Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor did the honors of flipping the switch. 

Castor says, “It's lighting up this community. After being through several months of darkness to be able to bring the light in the form of a Christmas tree is really wonderful.” 

For 51 days, residents there lived under the threat of a serial killer. 

Now people like Dexter Bowens are celebrating like never before. 

"It's a blessing  to be here and to be around this place right now," Bowens said. "So yeah, I got to say we're blessed. And it's a wonderful feeling."

Hundreds gathered for the tree lighting ceremony. 

It’s the first of two such events being held this weekend in the Seminole Heights community.