A homeless Citrus County woman now has a new home thanks to the Housing Services department in the county.

  • Citrus County woman given new home from SHIP funds
  • Bradley said she was living in a tent on her property
  • Housing Services Dept. says Bradley doens't have to make payments on new home

Walking into her new home for the first time is a moment Teresa Bradley said is unforgettable.

"My whole life is going to change because of these people," Bradley said.

She contacted housing services about three years ago when the mobile home on her property deteriorated.

With no money to fix it, she ended up living in a tent on the property, which she owns, and staying with friends in the area.

The housing services department said they been able to repair homes but didn't have the funds to completely build a new home for the past three years, which they said Theresa desperately needed.

"Ms. Bradley she had a mobile home on this property. It was dilapidated [and] the floor was missing. When the crew came out to demo it they just barely touched it with the bulldozer and it fell over," said Citrus County Housing Services Director Tammy Harris.

Harris said Teresa would call their office every day to see where she was on the list. This year, they had enough funds in the State Housing Initiatives Partnership or SHIP program to get her the new nine hundred square foot home she needed.

Local non-profits also donated furniture, a washer and dryer, food and everything Theresa needs to make the house her home, including a Christmas tree for the holidays.

"People said I couldn't do it. I'm the sort of person if you tell me I can't do it, I'm going to do it," Theresa said

It’s a fresh start that Teresa says she's so grateful for.

"All I can say is thank you to everyone that's been a part of it," she added

The Housing Services Department tells us they are hoping to step up their services and be able to completely re-build a new home each year, if the funds are available.

They said Teresa will not have to make payments on the home and will own it completely if she lives there for 15 years.

They also said Teresa will have to pay the insurance on the house, but they helped her get a good rate.