It took 11 months, but Noah Barnes walked 4,240 miles.

  • 'Noah's March' has ended after 11 months, 4240 mi walked
  • Noah born with Type I diabetes; wanted to help find a cure
  • $26,978 raised will go to diabetes research

He began the trek with his dad back in late January, leaving from Key West, Florida and finishing in Blaine, Washington on Dec. 9.

It would be a tough journey for anyone, but Barnes is just 11 years old.

“It’s eight to ten hours on the road, and I think about stuff like mine craft or Star Wars,” said Barnes. “The people made me happy, them cheering me on and other stuff.”

People cheered because Barnes walked for a cause.

Barnes was born with Type 1 diabetes and at the age of ten, he decided he wanted to help find a cure for the disease.

At the time, his parents informed him that cures for such tough diseases were found through research, and that research costs money. And while as a ten year-old he didn’t have much money, what he did have was ingenuity and heart.

“He just came to me and said, ‘Hey, don’t you want to see me cured?’ And as a father, I, am like, ‘Ok, yeah, let’s make this, let's figure this out,” said Robert Barnes, Noah’s father.

The final idea to march across the country as a fundraiser came together after Noah watched a documentary about Terry Fox.

Fox is known for his run across Canada after losing his leg during a fight with cancer. Fox raised close to 25 million dollars.

Noah raised $26,978. And all of the money will go to diabetes research.

But for Barnes, it is still far from over. He isn’t walking across states anymore, but his promise to find a cure remains true.

“Yeah, it is not over until we have a cure,” said Barnes. “I feel good because I got to meet so many people along this journey.”

If you want to learn more about Barnes or help with his fundraiser click here.